World Beat Workshop

The World Beat Workshop with drummer Robert Jospé and percussionist Kevin Davis engages audiences of all ages in exploring the diaspora of West African rhythms in the Americas and their influence in current music styles.  Using a map, percussion instruments and music charts, this interactive program includes clapping, dancing and singing to salsa, calypso, merengue, samba and hip-hop. Musical, historical, cultural and geographical information is brought to life with the journey of clave.

This program can be tailored to suit audiences of all ages from elementary school through adult.

School Assembly Program

Reviews and comments

Stone Robinson Elementary School
Albemarle County Public Schools
Nov. 29, 2012
“This was one of the very best workshops to be presented at our school. Through several different activities (using students in performances, call-and-response, lecture, multimedia, performance) World Beat engaged our students at a very high level. As a music teacher, I am constantly trying to get my students to understand how music relates to other parts of culture. This was a highly interactive way to do that. The musicians used their expertise at drums to convey an important message: that the rhythms we hear in many genres of music are seeded in West Africa. If you had asked children walking out of this workshop, “What did you learn?” I am confident that they would be able to tell you exactly that.
The presenters’ expertise in working with children of elementary age was greatly appreciated. Their experience showed. Many times we get presenters who are experts at their craft, but do not know how to work with school age children. The World Beat musicians demonstrated throughout their entire workshop. This is the only workshop in which I have had several classroom teachers come up to me afterword to compliment the talent, engagement, and teaching prowess of the presenters.
The workshop dovetailed exactly with our music curriculum; we had been talking about call and response in African music the week before. I look forward to having World Beat back at Stone-Robinson Elementary each year.” 435 students attended at Stone-Robinson.
– John Visel, Music Specialist

Stafford County Public Schools
March 22, 2011
“The upper grades loved it. Some stated that they were going back to their classrooms to work on fractions and that they were going to incorporate the idea of clapping beats to help them understand. They praised them for making the learning meaningful to the students. All students were engaged and participated during the assembly.” – Annamarie Bollino, Fine and Performing Arts Coordinator

Henrico County Public Schools
“It was an awesome performance. They involved all the students and faculty. It was tied into geography and mapping skills in a very meaningful way.” – Ridge Elementary

“I thought it was great! The kids love it. They enjoyed the dance he taught and the music. I especially liked learning how the steel drum works. They tied it into Social Studies by showing the regions of the world that used the instruments or did the dances.” – Pinchbeck Elementary

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Museum & All Ages Program

An educational and entertaining experience for all ages, presented in museums, theaters, libraries, and at camps and festivals.

World Beat Workshop has been performed here:

  • Children’s Museum of Richmond, VA
  • Global Village, Bedford, VA
  • Jefferson Madison Regional Library, VA
  • Boys and Girls Club, Charlottesville, VA
  • Wolf Trap Theatre in the Woods, Vienna, VA
  • Floyd Fest Workshop Stage, Floyd, VA
  • Hawaii Public Libraries, Hawaii

Reviews and comments from WolfTrap Children’s Theatre

Thank you so much for World Beat’s thoroughly entertaining performances at WolfTrap Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods this summer! Your mix of musical genres, geography, history, and audience interaction was spot on for our audiences. All of us at WolfTrap congratulate World Beat Workshop and look forward to working with you again in the future. – Sarah Andrew Wilson, Assistant Director, Education Outreach. WolfTrap Foundation for the Performing Arts, Vienna, VA